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Key Advantages Provided By Brainiac


“Brainiacs does an amazing job giving kids that extra help they sometimes need. My kids enjoy the small group sessions and have seen improved test results. Most importantly, I’ve seen their confidence grow as they feel more prepared to perform both in the classroom and on exams. The tutors are courteous, prompt and reliable and often communicate about scheduling via text directly with their students. This is particularly helpful to busy moms. Our family has had a very positive experience with Brainiac.”

“We have two teenage boys, both very smart, but each has distinct educational needs. One lacks motivation when it comes to studying. Brainiac has done a great job of identifying the right tutors and the right methods to work with him in a way that delivers results – and he actually looks forward to the tutoring! Our other son, who already achieves high grades, uses the Brainiac resources to maximize his potential and prepare him for admittance and scholarship opportunities at Ivy League schools. Both are great kids but with distinct needs. Brainiac has been great at covering both!”

“Brainiac in 1 word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
What does Brainiac do for my child? Inspires. Empowers. Cares.
Brainiac cuts to the chase, uncovers the missing link, and teaches the material.
Brainiac is customized for my child, when and where she needs it.
Child focused. Results driven.”

“Brainiacs has been a Godsend for my daughter this exam season.  All of the tutors she has worked with, especially her Chemistry tutor, have made such a huge difference in both her knowledge and her confidence.”