Our Story

In 2004, Omar Akhil began one-on-one mentoring to help an elementary student overcome her learning disabilities. They worked through the entire curriculum in the evenings after he left his office and during the weekends. As a testament to her hard work, positive attitude, and Omar’s belief that she could achieve anything she set her mind to, the student excelled in her classes and achieved honorary grades in middle school. This mentoring duo formed the basis for San Antonio’s premier original mentoring service company.  In 2008, Omar recognized the need to hire additional mentors and he created Brainiac, LLC to pair other talented mentors with students needing academic help. Omar and Brainiac have partnered with parents and helped students with great success for 16 years.

We are San Antonio’s ORIGINAL and most effective mentoring services company, with the longest standing reputation for maximizing students’ potential in and out of the classroom.  We measure our success by the development of each student’s increased confidence and ability to navigate the obstacles of everyday life, in addition to improved academic performance.

Omar Akhil - Owner

Kristin Salinas - Director of Operations

Julie Montamat - Director of Programs

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