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 The Key to Our Success

Our Mentors are Brainiac’s primary asset and key to sustaining the high quality levels and results our students experience. Mentors are selected from local universities, graduate programs, as well as current teachers who have demonstrated high levels of achievement in academia in addition to extraordinary communication skills. An applicant must have all the following traits to be considered as a potential Brainiac Mentor.

He or she must be:

Men and women with such skills are not easy to find. Our number one priority is to best serve the student, and we do that by finding great and dynamic academic Mentors. All applicants are screened during a rigorous interview where they demonstrate the qualities aforementioned. They also undergo a state-conducted and approved background check. If an applicant meets all of the requirements, Brainiac provides a training program to ensure each Mentor is well equipped for their specialized curriculum and a variety of teaching strategies. Unlike single person tutoring services, Brainiac has highly competent Mentors available to cover all K-12 course work. Whether it is higher level mathematics, Physics, English, History, Foreign Language, or SAT/ACT test prep we have access to Mentors in all subject matter. Our greatest asset is our Mentors. Mentors meet with Omar in group meetings once a month. The sessions are used to encourage all Mentors to share success stories and exchange ideas for unique mentoring situations that create company culture. Additionally, academic specialists and guest speakers from a variety of fields are invited to the monthly meetings to share ideas and motivate the Mentors. This is another huge advantage we have over smaller and larger tutoring services–we are able to share ideas while creating a cohesive Brainiac community aimed at helping our families. Many great teaching ideas come from our Mentors during these monthly sessions.

Meet Our Mentors